Inés Nieto

By Katerina Perez

Inés describes her aesthetic as “understated power” and the idea of David and Goliath springs to mind, whereby something unassuming can be bold and courageous.

Her signature blue-green tourmaline, white cacholong, and rose gold geometric jewels are boldly proportioned homages to the seaside escapes of her youth, infused with a cool, timeless sense of glamour.

Ines's trademark creations are carved in white cacholong, a natural stone from the family Opals which name in old Russian means “extraordinarely beautiful stone”, due to its porcelain-like appearance.

Inés is an active person and her daughter Gigi is a dancer, so she has a vested interest in creating pieces that can transition from a morning yoga class to a black-tie affair.

Her necklaces and earrings are more reserved to suit this day-to-night agenda, but her rings “are more adventurous” and like miniature art objects.

The combined influence of Picasso’s geometric Cubism, Calatrava’s sweeping forms in stark white, and Balenciaga’s quest for meticulous excellence is her ‘recipe’ for success.

Ines's pieces are inspired by her Spanish roots, hand-drawn by her in London (the home of the brand), and crafted in Geneva, Switzerland, the pinnacle of excellent craftsmanship.

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